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Small businesses are the bedrock of Canada’s economy; they employ millions of people across our great nation; ultimately employing more than 70% of all workers in the private sector. Small business owners are the unsung Canadian heroes. It takes a special, tenacious person to run a business and more than anyone we here at JMJ & Associates get it.

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Our mission:

Our sole mission is to help small businesses realize their business goals by easing the burden in their journey. In fact, we view ourselves as a mission with a business, rather than a business with a mission. Often all a business needs is just a little financial help to go over that hump which could mean the difference between success and complete demise. Now try going to the bank for a business loan! You will be put through all kinds of hoops and loops only to find out that the banks only give you money you already have with them. At JMJ & Associates, we will do all that is humanly possible to find you a lender; all you have to do is meet the clear minimum requirements listed on this site and cooperate with our customer service as we guide you through the collection of your supporting documents. Now without further ado, go ahead and click here now to fill out our simple one pager loan application to get started. Apply Now

Minimum requirements

Below are the Minimum requirements: